Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla

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Everything that a good Muslim needs in one single app


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Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla is the definitive app for every adherent of Islam. It contains half a dozen features that range from a prayer calendar to the Koran, including a compass that always indicates the direction of Mecca.

The most useful tool included in Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla might be the prayer notification tool, that shows you the exact time that you need to perform each of the five daily prayers. This function, as well as the compass mentioned above, makes it more than worth it to install the app.

Of course, Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla also includes a version of the Koran that you can consult whenever you need to, and it comes with MP3s of prayers that you can listen to in different languages.

Additional interesting features include the ability to search for nearby halal restaurants or mosques or to review the 99 names of Allah and the prophet Mohamed.

Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla is the perfect app for followers of Islam, who will have a lot of features available to them once they have this app installed on their Android device.